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Laurell K. Hamilton – Obsidian Butterfly Audiobook (An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Book 9)

Laurell K. Hamilton - Obsidian Butterfly Audio Book Free

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Let me first say that this is the LAST GOOD Anita Blake publication Laurell K. Hamilton created. This is the reason for the five star ranking. Everything else that follows it will be taken to mean that I ranked them as 1 stars.

My mind is boggled. Anita Blake was once a collection I eagerly awaited to read. Then after Obsidian Butterfly It was a tale that LKH had written the last GREAT. Perhaps LKH had a ghostwriter who stopped when she was ready to find someone else. It could have been more personal in her case. Obsidian Butterfly Audiobook Free. It was amazing! I had to review it. book devotions. What I found was that Obsidian Butterfly (WONDERFUL), and other publications were dedicated to Gary, her first husband. Narcissus in Chains, (DREADFUL), and succeeding publications were published. books Dedicated to Jonathan, her new love. LKH’s writing style was ruined by this. I go through a few of Ms. Hamilton Later copies of her publications were a result of my contribution. She seems to think that she is an extraordinary author of erotica. Despite the fact that I hated the Micah character and was uncommitted to Narcissus in Chains, I struggled through Cerulean Sins and Narcissus in Chains.-Nathaniel, slut. Nightmare Dreams is a book I am still trying to find. It started out well with a real tale, and Dolph was back for 20 pages. THREE HUNDRED and SIXTY WEB PAGES of poorly written literotica later on. Guide chose to retell the story – briefly. Anita has become an angst.-Richard, the ridden slut probably represents all that LKH hates within “somebody”, I have no idea as well as would not like to know what Mica and Nathaniel stand up for. What was the result? The following is a bit scary for me. book. Anita seems to be becoming all powerful at the cost of her health. I believe she’ll eventually awaken and find God is best for her because SHE IS God and she loves and respects herself.

Whatever, Ms. HamiltonDon’t waste your time on literotica. Discover what a good story looks like. Do not repeat yourself. Nightmare Dreams was discovered by me at a Fifty Percent Cost Book Shop. Horror was where I found LKH and the wonderful vampire. books). I also tried Science Fiction/Fantasy but had no luck. Finally, I asked the woman to look in the computer system and found LKH in Paranormal Romance. After reading Incubus Dreams, they asked me if they would like to include LKH in their literotica section. I will not share the price of any other LKH publications.

Review really great books booksTry Anne Bishops’ “The Others” series, or Michelle Sagara’s “The Chronicles of Elantra.”

I have actually reviewed the evaluations for LKH’s publications in accordance with 10.-12 I’m not throwing out also half-Price to add them into my library. It was because I had missed many Nightmare Dreams. Less than a fifth of the 658 pages were worth reading. You can skip chapters 5 and 6.-You can save some pain by using 68 We must all be aware of what we are doing in this collection!

These characters and plots are ours. It is a painful feeling when points are thrown for a loop. Laurell believing!”

It always works in the end, naturally. Not constantly the prettiest way, but * spoiler alert * Anita leaves this one also. Laurell K. Hamilton – Obsidian Butterfly Audio Book Download. We know there is likely to be more.

This one was definitely a good example of character development. I love how it turned out. Laurell Anita talks to Anita through her thoughts and sometimes with someone else.

This one gets Anita bumped around. Edward is always there for her, which makes her feel at least a little better. This was the most frightening piece in the collection. Even the “good” guys can be frightening, as they all seem to go out and are not very good. For years, I have owned this hardcover collection. As it is easier to read larger print, I’ve been experiencing blindness in my right eye. This collection is reread at most once per year. I will be able to continue the series, which I enjoy despite my poor vision, with the kindle version. They have been slowly being modified (fixed earnings). This is the first time I’ve made any changes that I don’t have in kindle.

Laurell K. Hamilton – Cerulean Sins Audiobook

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Laurell Ok. Hamilton – Cerulean Sins Audiobook

Laurell K. Hamilton - Cerulean Sins Audio Book Free

Cerulean Sins Audiobook


I’ve truly reviewed all of Laurell Ok Hamilton’s Anita Blake, the Vampire Seeker in addition to Merry Gentry assortment publications a number of instances. I’ve them in hardback and likewise paperback. Now I am getting them in e book, kindle variety. Guides are so pleasant that every time I learn them I love the author rather more. So modern, pleasant, detailed, superb and quick lane. I do know guides nonetheless every reread remains to be spectacular and gripping. This publication is the start level of Anita excepting the ardeur as a result of energy she obtains from it to assist these she loves. When she is not combating chauvinists, chauvinist and her inner satanic forces she’s kicking unfavourable little vampire butts because of the truth that she’s the Vampire Executioner. Cerulean Sins Audiobook Free. I used to be a bit of bit anxious about this assortment after regarding book 7/8 the evaluations gave the impression to be going means down. I merely accomplished publication 11 final night and I’m awaiting the subsequent 3 I bought. I admit that at some factors like books 9 & 10 there appears to be a complete lot extra of the chill and likewise discuss, nonetheless on the identical time it does help you to know some points of the America they reside within the facet the place all of the mythological happens I believe you may state and people powers and the way they work.

I just like the directions this sequence goes. Anita is resolving her battle along with her personal powers because of the truth that no individual is aware of a lot about her necromancer. To me out of all of the folks Anita has in her life JC is principally the one which “will get” her. Who reveals some type of understanding in all this. He approves her as is in addition to understands the place her pondering comes from in addition to precisely the way it features and likewise to me it appears to be like as if he needs to attend it out and easily be there for her whereas she continues to assist everybody in her life, she is basically caring in addition to trustworthy to these she takes care of.

I’m not precisely certain the place I learn this if it was a buyer or a part of the abstract of one in all guides, however it said one thing much like this. The much more Anita accepts the supernatural issues even her very personal mythological facet she truly appears to be believing much more human. I solely agree with this. Significantly on this book she has truly positioned herself in circumstance the place she would assume I might usually be squeamish about one thing much like this however I’m not and likewise I have to be. It merely reveals how much more she is approving these changes and likewise discovering that it is okay since that is that she is. She is embracing her powers.Anita has to tame her Rex lion earlier than she will get a tiger for every colour she has inside her. Anita has to align herself with each one in all her animals to name earlier than the mother of darkish can assert her physique. Sexual, paranormal, love with motion is properly-written and has Sturdy characterization. Grownup readers due sexual and likewise horrible content material.Within the eleventh installment of the Anita Blake sequence, Belle Morte, a member of the Vampire Council has truly despatched her 2nd in command, Musette, hastily, to scout out the state of affairs in St. Louis. On the identical time, a rogue shapeshifter is slaughtering ladies within the location. Jean Claude and likewise Anita must handle Musette in addition to her entourage, whereas the third member of the set of three, the werewolf Ulffric, Richard will get on a self damaging downslide. The one inquiry is, will definitely he destroy himself or all of them. To make points worse, the oldest vampire of all of them is waking from a thousand 12 months sleep, in addition to noone understands what that can deliver.
That is an especially excessive novel, much more so than the final. The personalities turn out to be an growing variety of intriguing as time takes place. Anita’s character is significantly totally different from the preliminary publication, nonetheless she has expanded in a pure(superordinary) method with the expansion of her necromancer powers and simply her life experiences as a complete. Laurell Ok. Hamilton – Cerulean Sins Audio Book Online. There’s a lot motion right here that it’s tough to position the novel down in addition to I’ll actually learn it once more quickly. This sequence retains getting higher in addition to significantly better and likewise the preliminary book was spectacular.

Laurell K. Hamilton – Narcissus in Chains Audiobook

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Laurell K. Hamilton – Narcissus in Chains Audiobook (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Book 10).

 Narcissus in Chains Audiobook Free

Laurell K. Hamilton – Narcissus in Chains Audiobook




The beginning of the end. The whole human servant thing was captivating to me. The werewolf was what attracted me – talk about a messy love life! Her powers were increasing fine, but they would need to if she was spending her time with the types of monsters that were. in Her coterie. Her ability to have a vampire slave bound to her was an interesting twist. After all, her power to manage the dead is also what are vampires but the dead?

It was not enough. It stated that any man who crossed her path would be compelled to abandon all desire and stifling admiration for her, regardless of whether he was a vampire, monster, or psychotic. Laurell K. Hamilton – Narcissus in Chains Audiobook Free. She was Love Potion number 9. Only men with small side characters could endure her attraction.

Her abilities just kept getting better. She is an animator, and can also raise the dead…with some effort and a mindful ritual. She doesn’t need to be very proactive and does not require any devices. in All, she then becomes a necromancer and can call ALL the dead. She then becomes the monster’s female leader and the were leopards women leaders, although she is not required to change with the full moon nastiness. It states that she will absorb all of God’s powers if she is satisfied with God. Is there any power she doesn’t have? If she does not, I can assure her that she will eventually have it, even though I won’t be able to read this book by the time she becomes a divinity.

As the sex rises, so does the story. I don’t have anything against soft core porn. I enjoy it, and have reviewed my fair share. But if I take up a book I don’t want to read the guide I chose, so I check out a secret story or a fantasy.

This book Notes a pivotal moment in The collection is for me. This is the collection as it stands now. bookDespite losing the female investigative angle, the series was still a great one. The focus is on her social life and not solving a mystery. However, this book Crosses over the line as you can see. You need to keep your eyes open to continue choosing the rest of this collection.
This is my favorite. book in I loved the series. This series was a great pleasure to me. Although many people believe that Obsidien Butterfly point decreased and that sex was less frequent, it is not true. If you examine the emotions aswell as Anita’s thriving powers, you will be amazed at what they can do. in This publication is better than any other publication, and there’s nothing wrong with having a little sex with your reading. These points are what I like so I have made this my absolute favorite publication. I know there are many others who would agree with me.
I meant Narcisus, a wildo but cool guy. Then there is Chymera which is often pointed out hereafter book It plays an integral role in Anita’s future is one not to be missed.
Hamilton Designed to be used at work in At least 2 of them-Way Word Scores with terms that resonate well with category lovers: ouroboros (remember Scully’s Tattoo, anyone? and oubliette Jareth would love it! But what about the Blakeverse’s most recent term? Panwere. It was insufficient to have monsters. We also need someone who can transform into multiple pets. He must also have a split personality. It’s easier to just accept it.).

Anita, who was 24 at the time of guides’ creation, was also an animator (significance that she could increase zombies). She became a human servant to the vampires. But then, she killed him which nearly killed her and was also released. She went from animator to necromancer, like an uber, somewhere along the way.-She can also raise vampires as an animator She was then made a human servant. She was also a human servant again because she was dating an Ulfric, a werewolf king. She was then made the wereleopard’s Nimir after she killed the head wereleopard.-Ra (queen).

Anita, then 26, was a necromancer human servant to the Master in the City. She was also the werewolf king’s Lupa and wereleopards queen at the time this publication was published. (Remember how I said that I would simply “roll with it?” The course of the bookAnita accidentally lands on one of her wereleopards’ claws. It appears that she could be their Nimir.-Ra means “like genuine”, yo. She demonstrates all kinds of new powers to confirm this uncertainty. Laurell K. Hamilton – Narcissus in Chains Audiobook Online. However, her next moon she doesn’t formshift. It turns out that her vampire darling had an “animal of call” (being wolves), but she has (through the marks being his human servant) gained an animal of her own – the leopard. How convenient. She is now a Master Necromancer and has a vampire slave. Did I also mention that she is now a succubus as well? Yes, it would take too long to talk about, so keep moving.

Laurell K. Hamilton – Bloody Bones Audiobook

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Laurell K. Hamilton – Bloody Bones Audiobook (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, Book 5).

Laurell K. Hamilton - Bloody Bones Audio Book Free

Bloody Bones Audiobook Download


This was an easy read! Thank you Ms. Hamilton It didn’t leave me with a sinking feeling. There were many things that Anita answered, including how her powers are growing beyond comprehension, her conditioning heart in the midst of her wolfe, vampire enthusiasts, as well as the deeper insight into Jean’s pasts.-Claude.
Bloody Bones She is outsourced to Branson in order to become a significantly aged deceased and find the rightful owners of the land on which the exorbitant construction will take place. The Spook Squad lends her a hand in investigating the area where a few teens were actually brutally murdered. Bloody Bones Audiobook Free. Anita suspects that Anita might have a connection to the faerie owned land. She believes that the dead to be raised and the murders may also be connected. Her greatest obstacle, however, is not a sword-wielding creature, a difficult foy monster, or even a divine vampire, who also recognizes Anita’s potential for mysticism.
Anita hires Jean, her hot vampire lover to get answers-Claude. Throughout Jean-We discover Anita’s and Claude’s grief through Claude’s visit to his “ma small”-Anita recognizes that the two have a similar history, albeit one with very different histories.-Claude is a person with a heart and soul, and an interest that is more true than any other. Let her inhibitions go for a second and we can see how she is able to eat and enjoy her libidinous blood. Yum Yum! This is the point in the series when things start to get weird. This is still a great story as Anita and her apprentice travel. Anita learns things about herself and her abilities that start to scare her. It is well worth the effort and introduces you to the following book In the collection. The item I currently own is the book In paperback, and I wanted to purchase it hardbound because I had the previous 7 books It is possible to do so. I look forward to the next issue of the collection: Buffoon.

This is a book (in a series) I recommend if you are okay with some sensual scenes or otherworldly stuff. This is not your typical Buffy book. book. It’s so much better.

This collection of publications is very appealing to me. My Child and I have both looked through the entire collection. I was most likely to the book I asked for something to review, and the person in the store said that he could help me find the right publication. He gave me “Guilty Pleasings” (the first). book I was also there the next day to pick up every other item in the collection. As she was using the same means, I loaned them to my Child. She asked me for the next. book. While I am aware that there has been much discussion from viewers about the emphasis on sex in this series, it is still in line with the type of publication Ms. Hamilton He has composed. Anita Blake is changing into something. We don’t know yet what it will be. Yes, Ms. Hamilton While it doesn’t really need to be too specific about sex scenes however, it is essential to explain exactly how Anita and her “monsters,” are changing. This should be softened. I own all the guides and have read them all. I also have several more to go. It is fascinating to see how each character has changed since their first appearance. Laurell K. Hamilton – Bloody Bones Audio Book Download. Also, Anita had soo much sex with one publication that I don’t even know she could walk. It’s a lot of work to tackle many “beasts”, who are “well equipped” one after another.-fetched (remember the term play here). But I like the plot. This collection of literary works should be broadcast on television! Some concerns I have with the inexplicable.-It allows for psychological visualization which can lead to intrigue. I’m always captivated and feel connected. Anticipating who they really are apart from each other and what their relationships are like!

Laurell K. Hamilton – Crimson Death Audiobook

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Laurell K. Hamilton – Crimson Death Audiobook ( Anita Blake, Vampire Seeker)

Laurell K. Hamilton - Crimson Death Audiobook Free Online

Laurell K. Hamilton -Crimson Death Audiobook


Laurell K. Hamilton – Narcissus in Chains Audiobook

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Laurell K. Hamilton – Narcissus in Chains Audiobook

Narcissus in Chains Audiobook Download

Laurell K. Hamilton -Narcissus in Chains Audio Book Free

Laurell K. Hamilton – Guilty Pleasures Audiobook

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Laurell K. Hamilton -Guilty Pleasures Audiobook

Laurell K. Hamilton - Guilty Pleasures Audio Book Free

Guilty Pleasures Audiobook


I evaluate Historic Fiction for several years. I have really continuously suched as sci- fi/fantasy movie, nevertheless never ever examined them. This was the extremely initial Urban Desire book that I review … I have actually been hooked on Urban Dream since. The Anita Blake collection is generally classified as horror/mystery because of the visuals criminal task scenes.

Anita Blake is a hard, hot female that does not play the woman in distress … she kicks butt as well as does not trouble to taking names.

Anita obtains her living as an “animator”, using her necromancy capabilities to raise the dead for various lawful solutions such as murder exams, will definitely problems, or lawsuits. She is similarly amongst a handful of licensed vampire fatality teams in the United States in addition to is consequently hired to encourage the cops on mythical appropriate criminal offenses. Anita’s ability to raise the dead is almost a below- story in a lot of the Anita Blake books. The gory murder scenes as well as likewise fixing the enigma is typically the main emphasis.

The Anita Blake magazines might not be artwork of sleek writing, nevertheless it’s an outstanding paranormal step-by-step. The tale fast lane, activity filled, as well as thrilling to look into. The individualities truly do restore in addition to you just need to acknowledge what strikes them next!

You may have listened to that the later Anita Blake books include unjustified sensuous sex, however that’s not the circumstance in thisbook Do not permit on your own lose on a wonderful collection! You have actually gotten an outstanding 8- 10 magazines up until the bed jumping really starts. Up up until afterwards, enjoy amongst the collection that aided came from the Urban Dream group.
Guilty Pleasures Audiobook Free. LIKED IT! Take a sandy, tongue- in- cheek, brilliant, wise mouthed woman with a significant Napoleonic condition, a large weapon, in addition to a zombie enhancing capability as well as mix in police officers detectives, superordinary murders, Weres, as well as a city with a sandy underbelly. Welcome to Anita Blake’s (also known as The Fatality team) variant of existing day St. Louis.

In this very first magazine we satisfy Anita Blake, zombie enhancing animator extrodinaire, a CSI imagine a preternatural murder scene specialist, in addition to part-time vampire fatality team. Anita is an interesting character because she in some way takes care of to include the challenging- as- nails vampire hunter personality with a regular church going woman that, although that she hates it, is doing her damnedest to be one of the most efficient bridesmaid she can be to her friend, Catherine. A lot of certainly recommend that have to be at chances, however somehow she draws it off in addition to beauties you whilst doing so.

A total plate for somebody that simply occurs to be collaborating with a shooter to deal with the Master of the City, fight an amorous vampire attempting to note her, in addition to fix a surprising evil spirit attack.

I review this preliminary magazine in at some point as well as likewise threw out no time at all in any way in getting the following 5 in the seires that evening! There are currently around 14 books in this collection, as well as regretfully the tales start to delay around magazine 11- 12, nevertheless guy- oh- guy, its a delightful trip up till after that!

The structure of all the Anita Blake magazines is a great private investigator story with lots of activity, brand-new beasts, thrills, as well as likewise sensualism throughout. On the whole, a continuously entertaining read that leaves you desiring extra.” I was below to mention enhancing the dead. Not rebirth. I’m not that excellent. I recommend zombies. The shambling dead. Decomposing remains. Night of the living dead. That kind of zombie. Though certainly much less significant than Hollywood would definitely ever before established on the screen. I am an animator. It’s a task, that’s all. Like advertising and marketing.” As a result talks Anita Blake, the heroine of Laurell K. Hamilton’s “Anita Blake, Vampire Applicant” collection. Vampire hunter, you ask? I thought she collaborated with zombies. Well, she similarly does vampires, (the ones that get rid of humans) – you acknowledge, threats via their hearts, silver bullets, and so on. This is Anita’s sideline – an activity of kinds. The vamps call this 5′ 3,” twenty- 4 year- old excited beaver “The Death squad.” She is a vibrant, enticing as well as independent 21st century woman, that finds herself exceptionally drew in to Jean- Claude, the extremely warm owner of Club Guilty Pleasures … as well as Master Vampire extraordinaire. She is higher than mosting likely to quelch these feelings, nevertheless. When it concerns Jean- Claude, although he taken simply a little bite of Anita, I believe he wants greater than her blood.

Vampirism has actually been lawful in the U.S.A. for virtually 2 years, considering that the High court supplied the bloodsucking undead equivalent civil liberties. America is the only nation on earth where these animals are permitted to, emergency room, live, (?), unless they drain pipelines the blood of a human, consequently devoting murder. So, although that Anita works together with the police officers’s Regional Preternatural Examination Team when searching criminal vampires, she requires a court order of implementation before she kicks their butts back to the burial place. Embed In St. Louis, where vampires are far more traditional than they jump on the shorelines, “Guilty Pleasures” is Ms. Hamilton’s intro of Anita Blake to the general public- at- big.

A serial awesome is killing vampires in Missouri in addition to Nikolaos, the very frightening one thousand year- old Vampire Girlfriend of St. Louis, has actually intimidated Anita with all kind of tortures in addition to tortures, containing turning into one of the undead herself, if she does not capture the awesome ASAP.

Ms. Hamilton is a fantastic author that, with much design amd design, blends desire with enigma, love in addition to dark wit. Her tackle this acquired design is a most unusual one. The secret mosts likely to the fore of her books in addition to the mythical takes second location, basically considered approved as component of Anita Blake’s environment. And Also Ms. Blake is a satisfaction – entertaining, sensible in addition to difficult- steamed, as in difficult. Laurell K. Hamilton -Guilty Pleasures Audio Book Download I am really expecting finding out more of this collection. These books are an actual discover!