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George J. Thompson Dr. Jerry B. Jenkins and Lee Fjelstad – foreword to Pam Thompson – Verbal Judo Audiobook (The Gentle Art of Persuasion).

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It was a constant thought in my head. Judo It was a far more reliable martial art than Karate, but that resemblance still operates in the verbal combat arts of communication and speech. This beautiful publication teaches you how talk to people, get points done (verbaljudo), and not to fight with people in anger (verbalkarate). Verbal Judo Audiobook Free. It helps you control your anger and not make a speech that you regret. Many of the material in this book can be found here. book It is simply sound judgement like the golden rule. You should also try to react instead of reacting. The best speech you will ever make is one that you react to the natural state of your mind. You will get the most out of this. bookOne of the most important qualities is compassion. Not only are you able to see the problem from your perspective, but also how to view it from the perspective that of the person you are dealing with. It is possible to rephrase the thoughts and demands of another person. George Empathy can be expressed through the use of states. Empathy can calm people down and vent their anger. It builds trust and reduces mistrust. It is possible to use work phrases such as LEAPS (Pay attention, Empathy and Ask), which are great for listening to anger. Also, PAVPO (Viewpoint. Audience. Voice. Purpose. and Organization) is great for public speaking. SPEED is the ability to speak in a confrontational manner. It can be used to describe: The problem (the place you live in), Audience (to whom it is being addressed), Restraints (the obstacles to reliable communication) and Ethical visibility (your expert face, not your vanity preserving one’s honor). Beneficial are George ThompsonTo disperse any upset disrespects that are thrown at you, use the ‘preciate this, understan that and oyessss, I be doingin that. It is important to feel good inside and be scolded when you use strip expressions. You should not reveal your strip expressions to the person who is insulting you. It could cause more, not less, combativeness. These insults can be deflected by feeling good inside. It also won’t cause any kind of injuries to the inner. You will also find great ideas about how to take criticisms and motivate people. It is important to praise with specificity and not in generalities. This can make the praise seem fake as well as stock. In my daily life, I found the five axioms for human interaction to be effective and successful.-To-Numbers 2 and 3 are the most important in my day-to-day life as a manager. They also indicate that people prefer to be asked questions than being commanded. This publication will be kept for future reference in order to manage upset people and keep me in control in times of anger or disappointment. Instead of venting my anger or verbal karate towards someone, I can transform my spoken karate into spoken Judo to make my situation more manageable. This review will summarize the key themes and points. GeorgeHis approach to the matter book You can quickly view your items on without having to download them book As a test, he will immediately apply the approach to his own life. If the viewers are helped, you can continue and purchase. George’s book To learn more about the nuances and information, visit George’s methods. This book While it may not be for everyone, I received it through a recommendation from a colleague. My colleague has always been able to deal with the most difficult patients. I asked him how he does this. After a long conversation, he suggested that I read the publication. Only about a fourth of the resources have been accessed, but I’m already applying what I know to my clients with more challenging personalities at work. I was fortunate enough to be able to take the course. Verbal Judo. George Thompson He was a great instructor. I was a novice and didn’t understand his wisdom as much as I do now.  My son is now a corrections officer and I just bought a guide. This isn’t just for law enforcement. Spoken Judo It is a different method of dealing to the general public. Our words and the way we speak them are crucial in this age of every thing being videotaped. George J. Thompson – Verbal Judo Audio Book Download. A useful device is the ability to stop a verbal altercation from ever happening.