Marie Rutkoski – The Winner’s Kiss Audiobook

Marie Rutkoski – The Winner’s Kiss Audiobook

Marie Rutkoski - The Winner's Kiss Audio Book Free

The Winner’s Kiss Audiobook Online


The Winner’s Kiss It was one of my most anticipated reads for 2016. I enjoyed The Winner’s Curse, The Champion’s Criminal offense was too political for my liking. However, I was hoping that this last publication would bring the collection back to life. The Winner’s Kiss Audiobook Free. Four days prior to the launch, I found a duplicate at Barnes and Noble. I immediately dropped everything and ate it!

This book Grabs where The Winner’s Curse ends with Kestrel becoming so ruined that her father would send her to work camp, effectively leaving her for dead. Kestrel style, she immediately seeks out ways to leave. I like Kestrel a lot. All through this book Kestrel is able to get rid of so many things. Kestrel is able to lift herself from the lowest possible place and still rises above all else. She is strong and wise as well. As someone who would likely be unable to protect myself by hand, it’s great to see a heroine who can think for herself!

In the last publication, I had a bit of trouble with Arin. But it was resolved. The Victor’s Kiss He’s back to being the amazing, incredible love interest that I loved. Although it took him some time to get things under control, once he did, he was the best. (Maybe a little too perfect, but whatever – I love him. The Kestrel as well as Arin were inseparable. Their relationship was complicated for many reasons. Arin and Kestrel had to start over again. Arin was very individual with Kestrel, never doing anything but being exactly like her. This is the definition of romance, “in good times and in bad!”

Roshar was my favorite person, apart from Arin and Kestrel. He was funny, unrefined, and the perfect yin to Arin’s yang. Roshar is unabashedly his own person no matter what’s going on. His connections with Arin and Kestrel were great. He always supported Kestrel’s desire to complete her part in the military he was in charge of. His personality development was something I enjoyed, especially when his sister came out. To be honest, I would love to read a spinoff that was all about Roshar.

The best thing about this publication was its lack of cosy filler. It is a continuous action publication from beginning to end. It hits every important note, never dragging but never ever feeling rushed. The Champion’s Kiss It revolves around the battle, with less politics and more blowing things up! Between the Heranni individuals, with the support of their Eastern allies, as well as the Emperor. Kestrel and Arin both had very important roles, Kestrel with the brilliant strategy, while Arin with his mad war skills. You can’t do it any other way. book Although I couldn’t have any interest in a battle, I was so invested in the characters that my entire life depended upon the outcome.

It was also something that I actually valued. Marie Rutkoski The Herani lands were the focus of this article. While there was ample time to explore more about Heran, The Winner’s KissIt was a way to explore a place more effectively than just dipping into unidentified areas. This made the planet building feel much more intricate and I liked that I didn’t have to take in a lot of brand.-I am still learning new details. I was more interested in the story.

The Champion’s Kiss This is easily the best publication in The Victor’s Trilogy! Marie Rutkoski – The Winner’s Kiss Audio Book Online. It was the most satisfying ending to a series I have ever seen. Rutkoski Could have done more! (Except maybe for the Roshar publication?? You don’t want to be like me and haven’t had an incredible experience with them. The Victor’s criminal offense, please give this a chance anyway This was something I didn’t expect. Despite having read the run-Through, I didn’t know if I would love or hate the twists this series took. Let’s just say I was scared to start. Then, once I had started, I devoured every page.

I usually love, as it is my customary. Rutkoski’s writing. This could be an exceptional piece of writing. audiobook (which is narrated, fyi, by Justine Eyre).

We explore Herran even more in The Victor’s Kiss. The majority of the book It happens there as well as the majority of the guide is informed from Arin’s perspective– which is a pleasant surprise considering that his viewpoints in the previous 2 publications were likely better than 40%. What a character Arin is. He’s kind, yet he’s a bit naive. He’s both powerful and self-sufficient.-loathing.