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Marie Force – Fatal Chaos Audiobook (The Fatal Series)

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This is my favorite series, and I look forward to the next installment. book Coming out. Sam and Nick make a great couple. They love one another and recognize each other. They do not try to alter the other individual, however they recognize that they are exactly what they are. As the story continues, Nick and Sam have to make major professional decisions in their lives. As they get slapped with all manner of chaos, they realize they are still here and can do anything they want.

Sam and her team have another bewildering case to solve. You will question who the murderers are, and why they targeted the victims they did. Sam is responsible for the investigation, as well as presenting a new member and ensuring that her group adjusts well to this change. Fatal Chaos Audiobook Free. You will find it hilarious how Sam and Freddie communicate. Sam loves to abuse Freddie concerning the bachelor party he’s throwing her, as she’s his best friend.-Female man. Poor Freddie cannot understand that Sam will cause her insaneness. It wouldn’t be Sam if there wasn’t drama between her and her peers in the department!

Sam and Nick need to deal with the reports regarding President Nelson as well as the opportunities that Nick might be asked to make the best setting for the country. Both must decide what to do and how to best address the nation’s concerns. Despite all the chaos, we see the warmth between them and the deep love they share for one another.

I can’t wait for the next book Find out what the hot pair has in store for you! The most intelligent move Sam Holland made was to get away from DC’s heat and humidity. Even though the charming beaches aren’t so romantic, she was able to enjoy family time with Nick Cappuano, her husband and their friends. Sam finds herself in a situation that has the whole city worried. Sam, along with her murder division, are under constant pressure to end these crooks. Sam and Nick will find their lives transformed by the continuing results of the president’s boy activities that targeted Sam, Nick, as well as their family members. Sam could also be forced to leave the occupation. Is the greatest obstacle Nick has ever faced in national politics, the installing pressure, threatening to destroy or strengthen the bond they have worked so hard to build?

FATAL DISORDER continues to be a problem in the wake of Fatal You will be captivated from start to finish by the tension and danger. Ms. Force The story is powerful and will blow your mind. This is the thirteenth installment in the series. I highly recommend that you read it in order. Each publication builds on the previous and the personalities point out past events that may be unfamiliar or confusing.-way. DEADLY CHAOS takes you to the beach, where Sam and Nick and their immediate families are enjoying some downtime after dealing with the Deadly Risk. You will be captivated by their personalities and the intense scenes they share as they explore this brand.-Their house and their partnership are in danger. Personalities are my favorite thing about the Deadly Collection publications. Samantha Holland is a hard working, no-holds barred police officer and is determined to complete her job to the best of all her abilities. These abilities may sometimes get her to the Emergency Room where she and her partner flip out at another swelling or stitch, but that is part of her job. Marie Force – Fatal Chaos Audio Book Download. Approved, she is the 2nd Lady of the United States. She also belongs to her world. I enjoy how Ms. Force Sam may not be the best spouse. Sam does not need to leave her job. She worked hard for it. That is something that takes a unique person to believe. Nick is her ideal match in every way.