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It’s not common for me to give five stars to a publication, but it happens occasionally Maureen Smith This ranking was a success. Logan and Field are two characters that anyone would love to fall in love and favor. These two are broken, but they try their best to find some joy. They hold on to one another despite the fact that life can pull them apart.

I actually have been reading books By Maureen Smith For many years, I have been able to trust her to tell me a great story with a love that is worth my time. Sin Bin Audiobook Free. But she went beyond her limits with Sin Container! Container! This book is a great continuation of the previous one. I was not expecting it to be as good, but it would be just as amazing. It was just another incredible story. But it was an amazing trip. Maureen We were taken into the past and brought back to the present. The future was also shown to us. Transgression took me just over an hour to complete. Bin While I’m still working on it, I do know that if this series continues to improve, then all of us need to make Seeker’s stories more interesting. To write this evaluation, I had to gather all my thoughts. To express how beautifully this was written, I had to dig deep. book It was, but I don’t think I have yet found the right words. I will continue to try.

Logan & Field lived together briefly when they were foster kids however the influence they each had on each other’s lives was huge. They remember each other well and they also fell in love, I believe, as kids.

Field (Jupiter), a typical unusual scientist researcher with a heart full of gold, was Field. She became a caseworker as a result of her experience in foster care. Logan, packed with strength & vitality with a great deal of temper blended in, ended up being a hockey player with the appropriate nickname of Bruiser. Bruiser & Jupiter … opposite sides of the coin yet no one understood them far better than each other.

With this one, my emotions were all over the place. I, the viewer, felt the splits, delight, love, and pain. This story is unlike any other. She uses descriptive words that make you feel like you are part of the story! The commercial scene was so real, I could actually feel the warmth and sense it as though I was watching a commercial in person! After reading it, I had to change my underwear. I was on a rollercoaster ride because of this trip. I am truly a fan of Maureen SmithIt’s all about creating! This was a powerful, captivating, and sexy story. Logan is my favourite of all three Rebels. The sex scene he had with Meadow at his birthday celebration was just amazing! Field was wow !!!! She was a very sexy catcat, and she didn’t even know it. Meadow and Logan had the best chemistry I have ever seen. Logan became my favourite author after I met him in publication 1. It broke my heart to read about Meadow’s experiences as foster children. Both needed deep emotional healing. They were both calm and there was always a storm. Logan was plagued by deep-rooted issues that he had to confront. He will fight until he is able to come to terms with his past and find closure. While there were some loose ends, Ms. Smith We will publish novellas for each of the four couples. Logan and Field, with any luck, will find closure with family traits. Both their adoptive families were wonderful. It wouldn’t be Denver Rebels. book There is no angst between Logan & Meadow.

Logan is my boo. I don’t believe Writer. Smith Can cover Wicked Games starting at that book It was both a masterpiece and a class in itself.

I look forward to reviewing Hunter, considering that he will be busy with you know who lol. She was given so quickly that it seems she’ll be a challenge for Seeker. Yep. That will be handled by Seeker. I am glad Logan and Hunter were not paired with the Warner siblings. I was pleased with the results once again. Maureen Smith – Sin Bin Audio Book Online. I enjoyed Meadow’s story as much as Logan. Both of them are dear to my heart and I cannot help but root for them. They should have a happy ever after. Again, I’ll be counting down to Seeker’s tale! I was thrilled to see the next Novellas!