Stella Rhys – Ex Games Audiobook

Stella Rhys – Ex Games Audiobook

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Divine crap…this writer…this publication!!!

Her job is a true love. Her books Review is a matter of seconds.

This is my honest opinion. book. I’m just speechless.

It was clear to me that this publication would be fantastic. Did you read that blurb? I was hooked on page 1. Ex Games Audiobook Free. I was in the middle of a wicked scene book I was feeling funky and nothing was looking great so I gave it a shot.

As much as Mason, Taylor was my favorite. Everything about them was wonderful. I loved their friendship, their banter, their early animosity, their sex, and their willingness to share their love.-The following chemistry/tension is related. It was pure excellence. It was all excellence. I highlighted passages I wanted to use as quotes in my review. However, there were so many that it was difficult for me to price estimate the whole publication.

I enjoyed watching Taylor fall to Mason and realizing that he was not the jerk Taylor had made out to be. That chemistry was amazing.

I enjoyed every moment they spent together. I found myself laughing and swooning at the same time. I wish I could have my own Mason. He was most certainly included in the book Sweetheart list and “I wish him were real” list.

This next part is a bit of a dilemma for me. One, Mason’s perspective would have been great. It would have been fascinating to see Mason’s reactions to Taylor, and what was really going through his mind. It was, however, enjoyable to see things through Taylor’s eyes and ask questions about his feelings. He also showed her that he believed he had more than he was telling the truth.

Aaron is someone I absolutely hated. Taylor would have been far more content without him. He didn’t deserve her, and she was not entitled to the pain and misery he caused her. I wish he could have some sort of retribution. He’d be extremely unpleasant with Eva, making them both miserable and preventing them from ever having a moment of happiness. I thought they would push each others off a high cliff but it would not make them unhappy. I also dreamed that there was an epilogue to the story. bookMason’s mom, so we can also see Taylor and Mason together, and even a future scene, where they are happy with their children. This is a glimpse into their future. This, despite all their hopes and dreams. book It was perfection.
It was quite a shock. I was expecting a light, cosy, revenge-love story. But this was so much more. The emotions ran deeper, the feelings were stronger, the desire was hotter. It was just more. Stella Rhys – Ex Games Audio Book Online. Taylor was a wacky, solid lady who worked hard for all she had. Mason was sexy, flirtatious, conceited and teasing with a colorful past. He was also Taylor’s ex fiancés big brother. Their exterior appearances suggest they never dated. He is a brutal, thoughtless man whore she believes. He thinks she’s a prudent stick-In-The-She is a slug without passion and likely burning out in bed. He has a plan to retaliate against HER ex and get married to HIS ex.

“We will face a lot of forks in our road over the course if our lives. However, I assure you that nobody has ever lived to make the best decision whenever. But you cannot get your past back, and you can’t make the investments you wish you could. It is enough to believe that even if you aren’t in the best place today, the steps taken from here onward will get you there. At the very minimum, eventually. Right?”

Two people realize they know nothing about each other and each mistaken belief is gradually thrown out. Two people who, despite their best efforts to deny it or fight it, are hot for one another. Two people who start to question climate and whether or not they are still playing “games” or if their feelings of vengeance are more real than they realize. Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was heartbreaking, and sometimes, it was a cigarette smoking hott. You couldn’t miss the chemistry between them and created some amazing scenes. But I loved them as individuals, enjoyed their interactions, and was given some really great secondary characters. If there were any criticisms I would have, it would be that Taylor’s point of view is the only one. It would also mean that Mason’s head would not be shown to me.-even just quickly. Overall, it was a fantastic read and made me look forward to reading more from this author.